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How to Calculate the Average Hours of Work Per Employee

How to Calculate the Average Hours of Work Per Employee

 You may be wondering how to calculate the average hours of work per each employee you have. Many employees work the same number of hours each week, so this makes it very easy to calculate. However, some can have different work hours every day thus making it harder to determine how many hours they work overall per week or month. So, to help you average out the hours that they work and determined and employees at a booth for us work the same number of hours each week, so this makes it very easy to calculate. However, some can have different work hours every day thus making it harder to determine how many hours they work overall per week or month. So, to help you average out the hours that they work and determined if they’re eligible for specific benefits or performance reviews you will need to be able to calculate the precise number of hours they work. Using a online employee scheduling software could help you keep track.

The First Step

The first step to doing this is to determine the type of average you wish to calculate through time tracking for employees. You can either do this by weekly hours, by day, by month or annually. You’ll need to decide on how you’re going to keep track of hours as this is important later, so you don’t confuse yourself. It’s always important to use the same measurements when keeping track of your employees.

The Second Step

Secondly, you will need to determine the span of time that all of your data will cover on your employee scheulding software. If you’re going to be tracking how much your employee works you’re going to need to decide on if you are only counting one week, are you just counting a month, or how about six months, or years worth of data? You need to make this executive decision as soon as possible.

The Third Step

Next, you’ll need to calculate the total number of hours employee has worked during that period. You will divide the number by the units into the data that corresponds to it. Simply put if you were trying to average out a day you’ll have to divide by the appropriate about to make it represent so many hours worked in that day.


Next, you’ll have to perform the same calculations for every employee with a timesheet calculator. This may take a long time. However, it’s essential to use the same timeframe of how many hours they work, and also to keep the same range of if you’re calculating it for we calculate for a month or otherwise. Either way, as you can see it’s effortless to track employees work hours, it’s just going to take a lot of work. Hopefully, this is helped you, but if you still have a hard time he highly suggests you contact the company who can help you out with this.

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Why You Should Take a Closer Look at Your Employee Time Tracking System

Why You Should Take a Closer Look at Your Employee Time Tracking System

You may not recognize it yet, but your business could be losing money from old-style employee time tracking systems. Time clocks and timesheets, for example, are especially vulnerable to inability and unintentional input. Several employees are well-known to pad their timesheets with the purpose of making it appear that they worked more time than they really did.

Timesheets and time clocks are also easy to shave. Buddy punching is a practice that one employee can use on another employee’s time card in his alternation. So, that employee can come in late or skip work altogether and still get paid irrespective. With a dependable employee time tracking system in place, organizations can enjoy many benefits, including:

Reduced Manpower and Paperwork

Older methods of time tracking need the use of manpower (for manually inputting data into a computer) and paperwork (for timesheets). With the proper application represent the hours an employee who works on a project or task are stored directly, automatically sent to the human resources department and computed. By this process, calculations are much more accurate and there is a significant reduction in the document involved.

Reduce Dishonesty among Employees

An electronic system needs to keep a much-restructured system of keeping track of the time employees spend on positive tasks and projects. Therefore, attempts to close manipulation of time or presence are completely eliminated.

Minimal Mistakes in Computations

A common issue that often plagues payroll staff is the appearance of mistakes in the last reports of physically prepared timesheets. Errors in entries are frequent, so there are mistakes in proper computations for employees on flextime and those working on shifts. Timesheets of employees who work at remote locations can also cause some mistake. With employee time tracking systems on the spot, this problem is easy to eliminate.

Easy Access to Employee Information

Usually, when employees want to find information about their holidays, sick days and vacation, they must be determined by the Human Resources Department. With employee time tracking systems, employees can register themselves and see this information on their computers. There is no need to hire administrative boards to execute the control of relevant data.

Cost Effectiveness of Resources Used for Projects Is Determined

The companies know that time is money. The time that employees devote on a certain project or task translates to money in that they are paid for it. The salaries and related fees paid to employees in the project period are shared with other expenses to determine if the project is cost effective or not.

Knowing how much is put into a project will assist businesses to recognize their ROI and determines whether or not a project is useful to their objectives. When they cannot perfectly compute for this expenditure, they could lose money on a project and not recognize it until it’s too late.

Nowadays employee time tracking has become a science. In order to determine the staff’s productivity, managers will regularly look after the time that employees spend on a particular job and compare it to their output. This will help to determine whether an employee is an effective worker or not and comparing his exports with other employees in the similar department. Performance is then easier to estimate on the information provided by an effective employee time tracking system. Visit for more information: Timeclockgenie.comRead the rest..

Quick and Easy Ways to Make Employees Utilize Their Time On the Clock and Get the Most From Your Time Tracking Service

  • Cell Phone “Lockers”

It may sound childish, like you’re back in school, but the amount of time employees waste on their smartphones is ridiculous. With the ability to access their social media accounts from their fingertips and constantly be able to contact anyone via text message is always distracting throughout the work day and cuts into productivity. For offices, you can literally instal phone lockers where each employee should leave their phone for the time they are on the clock. If they for some reason use that number for work purposes, there are call transfering apps that can send it to their desk phone or computer. Obviously allow the occasion peak for messages and the sometimes necessary FaceBook post, but try to keep cellphones away from employee workspaces as much as possible.

  • Only Permit Certain, Relevant Websites

Again, this sounds childish but it makes complete sense. You don’t want employees clocking in, then sitting at their desk reading the morning news for an hour before actually accomplishing anything. Have the IT team set internet restrictions to only allow websites useful to the job. Give your team a little freedom however and allow certain times of day that are less restricted, or leave a couple unrestricted computers in the break room for everyone to use.

  • Encourage Morning Productivity by Providing Brain Foods

One of the most common times of day for low productivity is in the morning when employees are tired and hungry. You can take this upon yourself and provide a small breakfast of easy to eat, healthy, “brain” foods. Get some breakfast bars, fruits (dried and fresh), plenty of water, and most likely coffee (although constant trips to refill coffee will cut into productivity, some people just need it.

  • Reward Productivity

A lot of people are very reward oriented, which can work out well for you as a business owner. Try doing rewards programs where a certain amount of work completed equals a gift card to Johnston and Murphy or possibly an extra vacation day. You’d be surprised how much harder people work when there is a small reward on top of their already paid salary.

  • Allow Employees to Clock Out Early

Most employees probably won’t take advantage of this very often, but instead of requiring them to work a certain amount of hours, make their work task oriented. Figure what you think is a reasonable amount of work to finish in the allotted time, and if they can get ahead of schedule, they can clock out early and take the rest of the day as a personal day. Likewise, if they are well ahead of schedule and want to sleep in for a couple of days, let it happen. Not only will it save you money on payroll and increase productivity, but your employees will enjoy a little more personal time here and there; even if they don’t take advantage of it all of the time.… Read the rest..

The Good and the Evil of Time Tracking

The Good and the Evil of Time Tracking

If you have a business, you understand the love/hate relationship that most business owners have with the time clock. As an employee, it can be a very similar feeling for very different reasons. The time clock, and time tracking in general, seems to have taken on a life of its own. We’ll discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of time tracking.

When did things start to change with the time clock?

The change started in the 20th century. The main change was the identification of “knowledge workers,” meaning that the work they do is less important than the knowledge they have. The longer an employee has worked there, the more knowledge they have retained. In most business in modern times, every employee is a “knowledge employee.” It can be hard to figure out which ones are the most central to making your business a success. This is where employee scheduling software and an efficient time clock can come in handy. Visit this site : Timeclockgenie.com

What does difference does an accurate time clock make?

Quality employee scheduling software can help you understand what a project really costs. Many business owners are sure that they understand the true cost of any project – what it will cost to complete and how long it will take. However, most people are off by sometimes up to 50%! Using a time clock to track how long employees work on specific parts of the project helps to show you just how much you’re spending on the labor and “knowledge employees.” A time clock also helps you identify trends in similar projects and lets you budget accordingly. It can actually save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

Time clocks lead to better teamwork!

When used correctly, employee scheduling software is an impartial judge of how hard people are working. It is no longer up to supervisors and other employees to police each other, leading to hurt feelings and gossipy behavior. It also allows your employees to streamline their work, teaching them what works efficiently. It also protects you from accusations of improperly working your employees, by having a provable time clock to show what every employee is up to and when. Also, consider the benefit to your human resources department. Employee scheduling software streamlines that process, allowing direct transfer of data from the time clock software into your payroll software. This can save you money and take out the middleman.

Efficient time clocks lead to better resource allocation!

If you know exactly where your employees are spending their time and resources on a project, it allows you to identify which employees are best at what and allocate their time appropriately. It also allows for appropriate logistic support – providing data, revenue tracking and other valuable assets.

Appropriate use of the employee scheduling software can save time and money, lead to better teamwork and help you identify both your key “knowledge employees” and the parts of your project that work well or that need to be changed. A time clock can make all the difference.… Read the rest..

Free Time Clock Software Trials – Reasons to Try Before You Buy

Free Time Clock Software Trials – Reasons to Try Before You Buy

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary in case we would take home our buys and give them a shot before choosing in case we need to keep them? That is precisely what numerous dealers who deal in time tracking for employees are giving their free programming trials. It’s sort of like a dating relationship. You get the opportunity to see whether you’re perfect, what character attributes you like and which ones are prone to make you insane, and are there any warnings that would keep a long haul relationship.

Looking for the trails

At the point when exploiting the trials for time tracking for employees, there are a few inquiries you’ll need to ask in advance. Is the spare time check programming trial restricted in any capacity, or is it the completely working programming? To what extent will the free trial last? Would I get help and specialized backing amid the free trial time frame? Do I need to start from the very beginning again after the leisure time clock programming trial has wrapped up? These are imperative things to ask even before beginning the spare time clock programming trial.

Free Time Clock Software Trials - Reasons to Try Before You Buy

Ensure It Has the Features You Want

The Employee scheduling software trial is the ideal time to set aside a few minutes clock program has all the elements you’ll need. That is the reason ensuring the free trial is completely useful is so essential. A constrained list of capabilities, or far more detestable a remote showing, are not sufficient to set aside a few minutes clock programming will address the issues of your business. If you need to know more you can click this link:http://www.businessiibusiness.com/effective-employee-supervision-with-modern-time-tracker-system/ here.  You ought to test the careful Employee scheduling software you’ll be requested that purchase.

You’ll additionally need to ensure you won’t need to re-key the majority of the data you’ve entered amid the free trial in the wake of obtaining a changeless permit. That is the reason this dating period is so critical. You need to perceive how your future accomplice reacts in however many diverse circumstances as would be allowed before focusing on a perpetual relationship of Free time clock.

Ensure It Supports Your Business Payroll Rules

The Time clock free trial ought to permit you to completely utilize the system with your finance rules. As it were, utilize the free trial through a complete finance period. This will permit you to affirm that the product can deal with your same finance cycle, extra minute’s settings, and adjusting rules. In the end you can visit this site here. An incredible situation is to run the free timeclock programming trial right alongside your present time and participation framework. This ought to convey any undeniable inadequacies to the surface.

A thirty day trial may seem sufficiently like time to completely test the product, however in case you don’t begin making use of it for a few weeks subsequent to downloading then you may come up short on time before you’re prepared. The exact opposite thing you need is to have the Time clock free just before you meet with service to exhibit the new time and participation framework. Free trials in light of various time clock punches utilized before close may be a superior choice.… Read the rest..

Accounting for Time – Making Best Use of a Precious Resource

Accounting for Time – Making Best Use of a Precious Resource

Lacking any appropriate system for time recording in place, you have no strategy for billing for hours worked or on improving the remarkable accuracy of fixed price quotations invest in Employee scheduling software. You can’t inform which projects are lucrative, and which ones you shouldn’t rerun again.

Here we have outlined the main advantages of tracking for time, we’ll deliberate the many methods to time recording that company may use, and the we show you what you need to consider when determining what type of time recording is befitting you.

Why had Recorded Moment?

For Payroll

In its most elementary form, workers track the time they spend at work by using a time card to “clock in” using a machine. The machine records the hours worked, plus the information is sent to help payroll for processing.

Time sheets in is usually used in the factory, retail as well as other settings where there is conventionally a certain mistrust of “shop floor” staff: it implies that they are unable to be trusted to arrive punctually and work a total shift.

For Invoicing

Organization whose main activity is always to “sell time” such as  Law firms, consultancies, accountants, and other professional solutions firms must their staff to track and account for time accurately, so they can invoice their clients appropriately.

To Identify Productivity

Professional services firms furthermore want their people to maximize the volume of time they devote to earning cash while minimizing the period spent on administrative responsibilities. By tracking time, they simply record how performance each is by measuring the particular part of each day spends on chargeable work best done with Time Clock Calculator.

To Understand Internal Costs

Even when work seriously isn’t being charged out to help clients, organizations need to know what different activities charge. This applies both to support project-based work, and to “business as usual” activities like accounts processing.

Time recording in such cases helps companies identify what proportion of these costs are overheads as well as what proportion operational, and how this changes after some time. They can calculate the complete cost of a marketing campaign.

Types of Timekeeping Methods

  • Card clocking
  • Time linens
  • Computer-based time recording

Do you need a Timekeeping System?

Companies have no choice but to use a timekeeping system/ Employee scheduling software. If you charge time for it to different clients or diverse projects, then you must keep an eye on the hours you invest.

For companies that have a choice, it’s necessary for the main advantages of timekeeping to outweigh the expenses. Keeping track of workers and testing on what they’re doing every minute in the day is not reason enough to ascertain a timekeeping system. If you’re tracking time due to a lack of trust, then you’ll find probably much larger issues to cope with. Timekeeping systems can be costly.

In quite a few organizations, people’s time could be the most costly resource. By doing this, you can view how and where time is it being spent, and you can identify trends in its use. You possibly can improve performance, profitability, and customer care.

There are many timekeeping possibilities, from simple manual time sheets to sophisticated computer software solutions. Each has its benefits and associated charges. Before implementing a Time tracking for employees, analyze the costs versus the advantages to determine what’s best for one’s organization.… Read the rest..

Effective Employee Supervision with Modern Time Tracker System

Effective Employee Supervision with Modern Time Tracker System

Time tracking for employee’s ­-The ideal scenario for any organization will be for every employee for being conscientious enough to be promptly and meet their goals flawlessly. Unfortunately, that is something that rarely happens in the natural order. Moreover, there’s never been a better need for systems that tracks the job being accomplished by employees and, also, checks when they enter and leave a cubicle. Given the demand for such a tool, it was not long before employee period tracking software.

There are many benefits a time tracker provides, especially when you have got intricate, multi-layered processes, and here we’ll discuss some:

Employee Time Trackers Support Augment Productivity

The biggest takeaway from utilizing Time tracking for employee’s software is that it enhances the production of employees, and that is always profitable in the end. With customizable time bedding, lock in-approval timesheets, and also a user-friendly interface, you can expect the employees to you have to be regular and careful using their time management.

Root Out Issues with Employee Tracking Software

Typically, it is hard for you to point fingers at someone once you do not know exactly what the principle cause of the problems is. Well, with a workforce management system, those worries will only fade away! The software lets you isolate the root source of the problem and then take the compulsory process. For instance,

  • In a substantial project, with numerous employees working on a single thing, but you might find inconsistencies in the grade of the work.
  • With the help of employee time tracking software package, which offers features like daily timesheets that can be used to keep tabs within the time spent on a unique activity.
  • This helps you better analyze the job of each employee over a day-to-day basis and discover exactly where it is advisable to plug the gaps.

Generate Accountability Using Employee Work Software

What if you needed a system that allowed someone to check the arrival and departure of the employees, each day? That may actually ease things available, not only with consider to payment cycles but also in creating a company where each employee is held responsible for being punctual. Such a workplace not only boosts employee output but helps bring discipline into their lives as well.

Worker Tracking Systems Evenly Disperse Workloads

Imagine a company where every employee was diligent and worked for you to his full potential. Sounds too good for being true, right! Well, not if you use efficient employee supervision software. This tool, with its emphasis on maintaining timesheets on a regular basis, ensures that well-defined data within the productivity level of each employee is maintained. This helps to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed along the board, depending on the skill-sets of the employee.

Modern Time Recording on the Rescue

The best selection, of course, is to implement a period tracking solution that lets you accurately record all employee work hours (exempt as well as non-exempt), no matter in which the work is performed. Being a bonus, automated time and attendance systems typically offer many cost-saving and productivity-enhancing benefits beyond the ability to record time for remote control workers.

Times tracking for employees has become very popular, especially in large, international organizations. They offer a full host of benefits for you to any organization that utilizes them, and should be a significant blip on your radar.… Read the rest..

Real Time Tracking: For Your Clients or Remote Workers

Real Time Tracking: For Your Clients or Remote Workers

Time tracking for employees -Let’s say when you started working online. The common practice if you are an online service company is to charge on an hourly basis. By the end of the month, you bill your clients along with the rate reflected equals towards the total hours you invested in the project.

Then you have an e-mail from your client asking regarding the accuracy of your payment statement. How will anyone explain it?

Time tracking for employees

How about you only put up your internet company where you employ rural workers. How will you know that they are professionally doing their jobs and that you will be paying them your money is well worth? They may seem proficient and professional after you interview them, and they will often seem to have outstanding resumes, but you never really see them perform their tasks.

How certain are you that the time they decide on their invoices is accurate? You cannot unless you us a time tracking for employees software that records real-time they spent doing their tasks. It is even better if this tool includes a report on all site visited or if it includes a screenshot feature to capture current activities. Is just not that awesome? Yes, especially if you would like to get your money is well worth.

Real time tracking software vs. manually tracking

Real-time tracking for employee’s software is becoming so beneficial for every single remote worker or vendor that, so numerous tools are available right now. Their advantages are merely so hard to reject. Moreover, if you have not much actually seen its value yet, then you are indeed forgotten.

Manually recording time is outdated. Using spreadsheet just doesn’t work anymore. There is nothing wrong with giving an answer to the changes of time by making use of technology. Besides, they are invented to produce our lives better and also easier. Real-time checking tool surely does.

  • If you are a company leader with remote workers from all over the world, you can view if the people you hire are doing their jobs.
  • This can also improve productivity just become mindful of times allotted for every task they are assigned with.
  • Employee is also promoted because they have to focus and concentrate instead of spend idle hours on social networking sites or doing personal stuff take away a significant period of time if done each day.
  • If you are a vendor, the next time anyone bills your clients they do not need to question even the accuracy of the statement because every depth is well supported.

Tracking employee presence and time management

The good news is while using the advancement of technology and innovation running a business methods, tracking employee presence and time management usually are easier, faster, and additional cost-effective. With a member of staff time tracking software, the risks of your energy theft and non-productivity usually are minimized. Accurate records of attendance are reported together with cannot easily be improved. Employee performance can moreover be easily tracked together with monitored.

Automated reports provide managers a specific view of the productivity while using organization. Employees who do not perform well and struggles to meet certain deadlines connected with projects and tasks can only be viewed through the Employee scheduling software.

On the other palm, employees with flawless studies and good performances might be given their deserved recognition or bonuses. Let’s say that you might start working online. The standard practice when you are an internet company is to charge on an hourly basis. Then you receive an e-mail from a client asking about the accuracy of the charging statement. How can people explain it time tracking for employees?… Read the rest..

The Role of Time Tracker Software in Project Success

The Role of Time Tracker Software in Project Success

Time Tracker applications are there in plenty, which are used to track effectively some the time efficient time utilization by every one of the workers in the successful execution of a project. However, there tend to be several aspects, which the administrators must consider while implementing the actual software-based time tracking mechanism not to spoil the work tradition and flow.

Time tracking can be a concept

The idea is simply keeping tabs on the active work timings of the workers who are a right particular task. The supervisors need to stay constant monitoring of the workers to ensure that they are involved in task during the entire time and assign the job accordingly. However, the new-age job functions made one-on-one tracking more difficult, and it is also very true with regards to project administration in THE IDEA industry.

However, no organization can exclude your need of doing time tracking for employees in their projects as this is a vital factor that decides the fee effectiveness of the project administration and in return its successor malfunction. Here comes the vitality of the new-age time tracker application, which can take over this task efficiently and make the item fully automated.

What can be time tracking software?

Time tracking software is defined as a web-based or computer application, which runs on the machine of individual professionals who’re in the project team. Each time when they’re on to work in addition to doing their task inside particular machine, the time tracker application helps keep a record of the active working time and also idle time and prepare the hour job reports accordingly.

  • This can further aid the supervisors to assess the worthiness of the effort everyone of the team members put in which enables it to administer further the process to be able to ensure maximum output in minimum convert time.
  • The time tracking application are also developed in such a way to get easily integrated while using attendance management and government payroll systems so that these things can be automated at a single shot and assure probably the most accurate project administration procedure.

Things to consider

There is much Time tracking for employees, you can find, both open-source and licensed, which the users will get customized for their individual purpose. As there are a good amount of options, most of them are confused with which to choose and what all to test for. Further, we will discuss with regards to a few things one must consider while searching for fun tracking software.

The primary thing to be noted is that projects transfer unique manner at various workplaces. So, you need to review all aspects almost daily tracker application on hand to test whether it can easily get adapted and efficiently reflect the mode of working for your particular project.

Nevertheless, you should not end up receiving implementing the software, which will ultimately force the employees to vary their work style in line with the way the system paths time. For a smooth running project, it can spoil the flow should you be trying to do it in the middle of it and compelling the users to vary their style of operating. So, always make sure that you run a comprehensive analysis to name that the time tracking for employees application performs well for you and complement smoothly with your line of operations.… Read the rest..