Quick and Easy Ways to Make Employees Utilize Their Time On the Clock and Get the Most From Your Time Tracking Service

  • Cell Phone “Lockers”

It may sound childish, like you’re back in school, but the amount of time employees waste on their smartphones is ridiculous. With the ability to access their social media accounts from their fingertips and constantly be able to contact anyone via text message is always distracting throughout the work day and cuts into productivity. For offices, you can literally instal phone lockers where each employee should leave their phone for the time they are on the clock. If they for some reason use that number for work purposes, there are call transfering apps that can send it to their desk phone or computer. Obviously allow the occasion peak for messages and the sometimes necessary FaceBook post, but try to keep cellphones away from employee workspaces as much as possible.

  • Only Permit Certain, Relevant Websites

Again, this sounds childish but it makes complete sense. You don’t want employees clocking in, then sitting at their desk reading the morning news for an hour before actually accomplishing anything. Have the IT team set internet restrictions to only allow websites useful to the job. Give your team a little freedom however and allow certain times of day that are less restricted, or leave a couple unrestricted computers in the break room for everyone to use.

  • Encourage Morning Productivity by Providing Brain Foods

One of the most common times of day for low productivity is in the morning when employees are tired and hungry. You can take this upon yourself and provide a small breakfast of easy to eat, healthy, “brain” foods. Get some breakfast bars, fruits (dried and fresh), plenty of water, and most likely coffee (although constant trips to refill coffee will cut into productivity, some people just need it.

  • Reward Productivity

A lot of people are very reward oriented, which can work out well for you as a business owner. Try doing rewards programs where a certain amount of work completed equals a gift card to Johnston and Murphy or possibly an extra vacation day. You’d be surprised how much harder people work when there is a small reward on top of their already paid salary.

  • Allow Employees to Clock Out Early

Most employees probably won’t take advantage of this very often, but instead of requiring them to work a certain amount of hours, make their work task oriented. Figure what you think is a reasonable amount of work to finish in the allotted time, and if they can get ahead of schedule, they can clock out early and take the rest of the day as a personal day. Likewise, if they are well ahead of schedule and want to sleep in for a couple of days, let it happen. Not only will it save you money on payroll and increase productivity, but your employees will enjoy a little more personal time here and there; even if they don’t take advantage of it all of the time.

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