The Good and Evil of Time Tracking

 Working Time versus Working Knowledge

One of the biggest disadvantages to using time tracking for employees, is that it has not evolved with the new ways of the world. Many workers now are valued by the knowledge that they possess, rather than the amount of time that they work. Time tracking software uses only the amount of time that a person works, rather than how they use their time. For those employers who hire for knowledge, time tracking may not be the best option for you.

Understand True Cost of Projects

However, online employee scheduling software can be one of the best ways to estimate how much future projects are going to cost. When you use time tracking software, you can see how much time on average projects take, and how many times the project goes beyond the scheduled time limit. Employers can use this information to more accurately schedule projects and bill clients for projects. You will be able to what precise areas of projects take the most time, and how to better schedule future projects. This can save businesses money in the long run, as they will have a better idea of how much projects will cost.

Resource Allocation

Similarly to the ways that employee scheduling software is able to tell businesses how much projects are going to cost, time tracking can also help you determine how much resources are going to be needed for projects. This is important, as some clients and departments may need more resources than others, while some are getting more resources than you need. By using time tracking properly, and to it’s fullest potential, you can see where you are using too many resources, and where you are not using enough. Click here!


There is almost no business in the world which can have an unlimited budget for every project everytime. You must be able to properly budget if you are going to pay for everything that the business costs, as well as bring some profits into the business. One of the easiest ways that you can help better define your budget is to use a free time clock to see how much time your employees are using for projects. If you are a business which requires your employees to work as many hours as necessary until the project is finished, time tracking can be a life saver.


Timesheet calculators can also help the business work less like individuals, and more like a team. The allocation of time, resources, and money, is dependent upon the ability for a business to work together, and one cohesive team. Time tracking can help streamline the process, and allow businesses to focus more on the finer details of their business, rather than trying to handle and deal with the basic needs of the business. You can focus on expanding and growing, and creating new innovative ideas, rather than spending your time trying to ensure your employees are working enough, and getting paid appropriately. Find out more in this sites : /

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