The Good and the Evil of Time Tracking

If you have a business, you understand the love/hate relationship that most business owners have with the time clock. As an employee, it can be a very similar feeling for very different reasons. The time clock, and time tracking in general, seems to have taken on a life of its own. We’ll discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of time tracking.

When did things start to change with the time clock?

The change started in the 20th century. The main change was the identification of “knowledge workers,” meaning that the work they do is less important than the knowledge they have. The longer an employee has worked there, the more knowledge they have retained. In most business in modern times, every employee is a “knowledge employee.” It can be hard to figure out which ones are the most central to making your business a success. This is where employee scheduling software and an efficient time clock can come in handy. Visit this site :

What does difference does an accurate time clock make?

Quality employee scheduling software can help you understand what a project really costs. Many business owners are sure that they understand the true cost of any project – what it will cost to complete and how long it will take. However, most people are off by sometimes up to 50%! Using a time clock to track how long employees work on specific parts of the project helps to show you just how much you’re spending on the labor and “knowledge employees.” A time clock also helps you identify trends in similar projects and lets you budget accordingly. It can actually save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

Time clocks lead to better teamwork!

When used correctly, employee scheduling software is an impartial judge of how hard people are working. It is no longer up to supervisors and other employees to police each other, leading to hurt feelings and gossipy behavior. It also allows your employees to streamline their work, teaching them what works efficiently. It also protects you from accusations of improperly working your employees, by having a provable time clock to show what every employee is up to and when. Also, consider the benefit to your human resources department. Employee scheduling software streamlines that process, allowing direct transfer of data from the time clock software into your payroll software. This can save you money and take out the middleman.

Efficient time clocks lead to better resource allocation!

If you know exactly where your employees are spending their time and resources on a project, it allows you to identify which employees are best at what and allocate their time appropriately. It also allows for appropriate logistic support – providing data, revenue tracking and other valuable assets.

Appropriate use of the employee scheduling software can save time and money, lead to better teamwork and help you identify both your key “knowledge employees” and the parts of your project that work well or that need to be changed. A time clock can make all the difference.

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