Time is the only source that we have that confers different results with different finite jurisdiction and management. In the initial phases of our life, we are directed to do things, and we don’t have to ponder over. The effective steps that we should adopt are that the output of the allocated time increases our need. But as we evolve and get more into demand, our need to have a dominating control over our time increases because it affects a lot of people under us. From here the concept of time management emerges in full swing. Time management is not a concept that can be trained or imitated; rather it’s s process that has to be initiated by you from the very day one. The skill of time management is natural and it is very necessary for a good manager to take it into action. The basic flaw with us is that we unknowingly sit all day through and doing wrong things at the right time, eventually causing us to complain by the end that there was a scarcity of the endowed time. So the need to adopt an attitude that triggers to getting the goals executed within a limited time frame with maximum efficiency and productivity is what time management stands for.

There have been stories that have guided people to get more efficient just by managing the time well. Some of them are

  • The UK supermarket ASDA felt the emergent need to improve staff retention and reduce absenteeism. So in 1995, the decision was taken to employ thousands of workers. It introduced some innovations to go, though. There were child care leave in which parents can drop off from the hectic schedule to spend time with their children without deduction in payment, swift swapping that catered to allowing the staff to be absent from domestic problems, school starter scheme that allows the parents just to take leave from the office for half a day for the admission of the child and his first day at school, paternity leave- it was regardless of the time, maternity leave that included the period even after delivery. The others were adoption, study, and emergency leave. There was also a reorganization of the high women workforce taking into account that they also have a family to attend. There were more of innovations so that the productivity gets customized and the clients needs, can be met before the deadlines.
  • Jim Denney is a successful writer in California. To overcome the problems that he faced in being a freelancer, he adopted a series of time management tricks. He used them in business writing, proposal writing, getting the disagreeable tasks done, etc. His principles were to decide on what project you have to work, to withdraw from the work by taking small breaks so that you can rejuvenate your mental makeup and leave a gap. If nothing makes sense, it’s better to write hogwash so that the flow is maintained and can later give birth to bigger and better ideas. One should have at least an outline before starting up with any article writing. There should be commitment and discipline during the writing time by avoiding distractions that can limit concentration. There should be a constant revision of what one had written earlier so that the rhythm is maintained. There should be the solid belief that you can complete the task no matter how frustrating it becomes by the end.

Find out more information here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/219553

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